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New Plastic Surgery Trends

There are rising trends of plastic surgery that have hit the market over the current years. The newer techniques and trends have created a newer appearances of enhanced surgeries. There are special services for transgender patients. More Americans are emerging as transgender and these is seeing the rise of plastic surgery at operations to rectify the situation. Newer packages to make the masculine features more feminine are being used. Kybella is another procedure that is non surgical but its has been here for some time. The procedure seeks to reduce fat on the chin and the neck areas therefore enhancing a person's look. Kybella is an injectable procedure that kills the fat producing cells to achieve a much youthful appearance.


Designer fillers are the procedures to come up with facial fillers that solve certain aesthetic problems. For instance, the juvederm procedure is to create fuller lips, to smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles. Restylane provides facial volume that reverses the aging process. The procedure lasts for 4 months but newer technologies promise durability of 6 to 8 months. Neck lifts and Face lifts is a procedure that has been around but its popularity is increasing again due to the growing demand for 'selfies' which are shared among peers. Muscles are tightened around the face and neck to bring out a smooth youthful look.


Surgical dimple creation is another surgical procedure. This is new in the market and it is referred to as dimplectomy. Through incisions done on the cheeks dimples are created. It is a socially acceptable feature as it is thought to show friendliness, cuteness and youthfulness. There are various procedures for men. Men have increasingly adopted the need for plastic surgeries over the years. This phenomena has been attributed to the fact that they want to flourish in the workplace. They prefer minimally invasive procedures that can be done over a break for lunch.


Nose reshaping is the third most sought after cosmetic surgery at after breast augmentation and liposuction. Over the recent years , Rhinoplasty has be redefined to bring out a more natural and customizable outcome. This procedure helps reduce the effects of sinus and allergies besides having an aesthetic advantage.


Despite the fact that these procedures are done to meet certain aesthetic goals, they can be achieved in a very minimal invasive, safe and effective cosmetic surgery. The patients therefore have a wide choice of procedure that they can choose from. If you want to learn more about Plastic Surgery, you can visit